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Whole and Broken


Gifted from within

as I learn from outside




Who do I want to be?

Tearing down the interior walls

Examining the studs and supporting beams

Looking for the rot that seeps into my soul

I am whole and broken

Built with the beauty of my parents love

The softness of the mossy ground of the earth

The gracious forgiveness of the bending trees

Built with the greed of unchecked capitalism

The fear of scarcity operating as oppression

The anger of unchecked righteousness

I am my lived knowledge

I am my actions

I am the choices I make

I am not compliant

I am more than the structures I exist in

I am deeper than the insecurities that trap me

My movement makes waves

My voice resounds among the voices of my collective

I affect everything, as everything affects me

I am everything, as everything is me

We are on the journey together, whether we acknowledge it or not

We are each other's armor

each other's nightmares

each other's blessings

I am not here to be me

I am here to be us

For what am I without you

So I seek the rot

to conscientiously deconstruct it's existence

and begin a process

of healing us

As we dare to look into each other's eyes

and see ourselves

Whole and broken

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