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Meet Autumn

I am a polyamorous, white, non-disabled, Jewish queer. I was born and raised on the traditional land of the Seneca Nation in rural New York and now live on the traditional land of the Puyallup Tribe in Tacoma, Washington. I have a deep bellied laugh and a big smile. I love to grow emotionally and intellectually, individually and with community. My passions include social responsibility, healing work, dance, gathering with community, exploring relational and group dynamics, and visiting the land I grew up on. 

Living in a society that systematically privileges and oppresses based on identity, I work to challenge the status quo by taking accountability for my positionality (the specific social and political context of my identity). I strive to be my authentic self, bring compassion to my community, and live into my values. My mission is to cultivate culture that supports co-liberated re-evolution.


Check out the rest of my website to learn more or contact me.


Collaborative movement and poetry project I was a part of

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