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Clinical Offerings

I am currently accepting new teletherapy clients. For a free 20 minute consult please schedule through my online portal.

I do not take insurance. Learn more about my rates here.  


Who do I work with?



Platonic Life Partners

New Relationships



I support folks navigating...

Communication struggles

Relationship changes

Polyamory/Ethical non-monogamy



Gender identity

I am passionate about serving folks who are part of the LGBTQIA+ and poly/ethical non-monogamy communities. Living in a society that prioritizes profit over people and systematically privileges & oppresses based on identity takes a large toll. I believe therapy is a resource to help us navigate living in this world and be intentional about how we show up in ourselves and our relationships. Maybe you're are in a rough patch, or doing great but want a deeper sense of groundedness to help you through the next struggle.

Whatever your reason for seeking therapy, I would be honored to be alongside you on your path.

My approach is to meet people where they are at and support them in exploring what tools, resources, and practices can best aid them in living into their authentic selves. We each have unique experiences and how I work with folks depends on what will serve them best. In sessions I address root impacts of trauma and oppression, the context of society and culture, and how we can grow and heal. I operate from an anti-oppressive, intersectional lens, and am sex and kink positive. Resources I utilize include Somatics, Attachment Theory, Internal Family Systems, Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, and Spoons Theory. People and organizations I continue to learn from include: Holistic Resistance, Resmaa Menakem, adrienne maree brown, The Adaway Group, Alternatives to Violence Project, Conscience Studio, and Resource Generation.


About Me

I am a queer, white, polyamorous, non-disabled, genderqueer, Jewish, United States born person.
Learn more about me here!

Credentials: Washington State Licensed Social Worker Associate Independent Clinical #SC61340456

Education: Master of Science in Social Work, Columbia University School of Social Work

Find me:

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