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Wise Willow Ceremonies

Non-Clinical Offerings

Wise Willow Ceremonies provides the services of officiating marriages and planning small weddings. My approach to officiating and planning weddings and commitment ceremonies is as an honoring of relationship and community.

Officiating Services: Alongside the loved ones I create ceremonies that reflect them, their communities, and their commitments to each other.

Wedding Planning: Following the loved ones lead, I support them in creating a day that holds them and is a manifestation of them. Then I carry the pieces in the days prior and day of their ceremony, so that they can revel in their day. 

As a polyamorous queer I am especially excited to work with folks seeking ceremonies that are outside of the typical "till death do us part." I enjoy getting to appreciate the work that individuals put into relationships, admire the communities that relationships support and are supported by, and celebrate the love that carries us through life. I am an ordained minister of American Marriage Ministries.


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