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As a home birth midwife I am very aware of the importance of postpartum support.  A large part of my time with clients is discussing how they will meet the challenges of balancing self care with newborn and family care.  I refer clients to a very short list of doulas and Autumn Star is at the top of this list.  

Autumn has worked with families in my practice who have been in dire need of competent, compassionate support in the postpartum period.  She has the ability to step into a family, find the areas of weakness and bolster those spots in such a graceful and loving way.  Her years of experience serve her well as she gently guides families toward a wholesome expression of their best selves. Her ability to support a mother/baby unit gently while encouraging others in a kind way to do the same really sets families up for success in the long term.  Her goal is always to foster healthy, conscious relationships within the immediate and extended family, whatever that may look like, rather than creating dependence on her.  She is a master at bringing out the best in those around her.  

If I were in the throes of new parenting again Autumn Star is unequivocally one of the few people I would want at my side!  If you are looking for a postpartum doula look no further!!  You will want her in your life forever, as I do!

-Heidi Ricks, LM, HeartSpace Midwifery

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