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Star Doula Services

Star Doula Services provides a holistic approach to bringing babies into family life. By working alongside clients I offer support for building confidence, problem solving, and developing practical skills for navigating life with new infants.

This approach is designed around the support needs that I have found to be most prevalent among families. Do you want someone who will fit into your home, offer you guidance on this journey, and support you in building your community around you?

While working with your family I aim to support the development of your desired home culture. Together we will develop healthy communication practices that will benefit your relationships beyond our time together. I offer non-judgemental emotional support, as we identify and bolster your emotional skills. With my gentle guidance and resources your family can explore the information relevant to your families growth. I carry with me a sense of calm to help you through the ups and downs as we nurture you in being the healthiest version of yourself. Together we will weave your community around you as we promote a holistic approach that honors and holds you and your family at the core.

Learn more about rates here, to schedule a free 30 minute consult contact me.

Autumn Star
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