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As a postpartum doula my focus is supporting families as they transition into life with one or more new infants. My services include: 

Pre-Birth Preparation

  • Discuss postpartum needs

  • Create postpartum plan

  • Provide feeding information

  • Provide infant development information for first week of life

  • Enhance communication between couples

  • Connect with community resources

Family Transition

  • Emotional support for the postpartum family and evolving family dynamics (e.g. partners, siblings, etc.)

  • Light household chores, meal preparation

  • Support in finding additional resources if/when necessary

Caring for Twins
  • Aid in transitioning home with infants born premature
  • Support in learning how to feed both babies individually and together
  • Assistance in developing skills that allow you to hold, burp, bathe, swaddle, change and soothe two babies at the same time
  • Emphasis on helping families to create opportunities for rest and sleep

Post Birth Transition for Birthing Parent

  • Discussion of the healing process taking place in a post birth body

  • Supportive space to process one’s birth and postpartum experiences

  • Perinatal mood and anxiety disorder assessment and resources referrals


  • Education about best feeding practices

  • Resources for nursing parent and partner involvement

  • Hand expression techniques

  • Nursing/bottle-feeding assistance

Infant Development

  • Assurance of normal newborn traits

  • Education about infant development and stages

  • Tangible physical help: baby care while parents nap, eat, or shower

  • Guidance & support in swaddling, diapering, baby-wearing, bathing, soothing techniques, etc.

  • Promotion of parent-infant bonding/attachment

  • Tools to promote healthy infant and parent sleep patterns 

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